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Are you the Fallback Girl?
If you've ever found yourself in a relationship that feels and seemingly looks like one, but you're struggling with commitment, or you've been in the ambiguous territory of a 'casual relationship', you've likely tried to change them or you. You've likely wondered what you 'did' to cause this, what you can do to win their love and commitment, or even questioned whether you're going crazy.

Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl is the definitive guide to understanding the relationship between emotionally unavailable men and the women that love them. From explaining how and why they blow hot and cold, to where that future they promised went to, how you've ended up being a booty call, why you've been together for a gazillion years but aren't going anywhere, and more importantly how and why you're involved with them in the first place, all of the answers are here.
You know you're dealing with unavailability when you ask stuff like:
What happened to that 'great guy' from the beginning?
Why won't he break up or stay away if he doesn't want to commit?
What the hell did I do to make him disappear?
Is he going to leave 'her' for me?
It's because he's shy/busy/scared of his feelings, isn't it?
Inspired by the real-life adventures in unavailability of Natalie Lue and the readers of her site Baggage Reclaim, Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl is an empowering, entertaining and inspiring read that will wise you up to pitfalls such as men who aren't over their exes, Future Fakers, guys that have more baggage than a Heathrow terminal and reappearing childhood 'sweethearts'. If you want to understand your own availability, and why commitment in a healthy relationship is eluding you, Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl is your guide to being available and attracted to healthy, available partners.

October 17
Natalie Lue
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Customer Reviews

asikereafana ,

Life Changing

This is the second self help book I've ever read. I've finally completed it and am gearing up to open a new chapter of my life. I recommended it too all my friends, am moving out of my house to live on my own (i'm in my late 20's and still live with mom), and ending my relationships with me unavailables. Life changing. Tearing up a bit right now. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Lssf ,

I loved it!

None of it is rocket science, and most of it was things I should have already recognized - if I had looked at it a different way! It's changed how I deal with men and women alike, because it changed how I listen. I'm so thankful that I bought this little gift for myself; after the shock of initially thinking Ms. Lue was hiding in my closets, I just feel gratitude and thanks that she took the time to make a difference in my life :)