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Detective SARA JENKINS witnesses the murder of her parents as a child. She finds love during the search for the killer while investigating a current murder and learns his shocking identity. Giving up friendship and love to catch the killer of her parents the conflict of wanting love and a family, is not as strong as wanting to catch the killer. It is this struggle that drives Sara forward. Since the tragic night on her fifth birthday, Sara has been haunted by flashbacks. She desperately wants to see the face of the killer so he can pay for what he has done. Yet she never sees the face during these episodes. She feels connected to the killer, but doesn't know how the connection applies to her. Will Sara find love? Will Sara find the killer after twenty-five years? What does Sara learn that turns everything around in her life?

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 31
V.L. Forrester
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

bo2bo ,

Murder Before Dawn

I found this book to be poorly written. There were many misspelt words and many grammatical errors. Vocabulary was unimaginative. I found it very predictable. I think it was a mistake to have the main character have such an unerring intuition.
The plot was fairly simplistic. It could be have been more interesting if the main character hd'nt been projecting so much , giving everything away

willsmomanddad ,


I found this book to be okay. I have read other books by this author, that were better. In my opinion, the only thing that really saved it was that it was written in the first person.
There were a lot of errors in it. (spelling & grammar) I don't think the pre readers did a very good job!

Kookoo12 ,

I love the storyline

Great storyline. A few holes in the story, a few repeats. The heroine? Seems a little too whiney, yes she went through a horrible thing but it seems like the writer has this character believing no one else in the world has had something of this magnitude happen to them and could never understand. I liked the twists and turns the writer takes to get to the end. All in all a good read.