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A bundle of books one and two in the new romantic suspense series, MURDER IN THE KEYS (NO PLACE TO DIE and NO PLACE TO VANISH), by best-selling author Jaden Skye. Over 150,000 words of reading, all for an incredible price—it also makes the perfect gift! 

In NO PLACE TO DIE, Olivia and Todd, madly in love, fly down to Key West when Todd offers to take her on a surprise trip for a magical weekend. Though they have only been dating five months, Olivia can’t help but wonder if Todd is preparing to pop the big question along the beautiful shores. Yet Olivia’s paradise quickly turns to hell when Todd dies right before her eyes, in a tragic accident. Or was it? Olivia sinks further into the abyss as the police wonder if she did it, and finds herself backed into a corner, having to prove her innocence while finding out if Todd was truly murdered. Yet as she searches, entering the underbelly of Key West, forced to deal with unsavory locals and with Todd’s difficult and grieving family, she discovers things about Todd that she wished she never knew—discoveries that make her realize that she never really knew the man she loved at all. 

In NO PLACE TO VANISH, Olivia, back in New York and trying to resume her normal life, receives a shocking phone call: her best friend from college has gone missing. She never returned from her bachelorette party. Olivia, implored by her friend’s husband to help, flies back down to Miami, determined to find her. She meets the woman’s friends, and finds herself lead deeper and deeper into a maze of lies, strippers, secret lovers, and jilted husbands. As the trail leads her back to Key West, she finds herself working side by side with Wayne again, stirring up old memories. Yet, even so, the trail has seemed to gone cold. Olivia can’t help but wonder: did her friend run off? Kill herself? Or was she murdered?

MURDER IN THE KEYS is an explosive new romantic suspense series filled with love, tragedy, heartbreak, betrayal and suspense, one that will leave you turning pages late into the night. Book #3 will be released soon.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 6
Jaden Skye
Brenda Lukeman

Customer Reviews

VanillaJazz ,

Murder in the Keys

I have read the first book, and I am almost done the second. Unfortunately, I bought them as a bundle. I type "unfortunately" because it is just not good writing. Terrible, in fact.

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