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My Best Friend's Sister (Erotic College Romance)

Jay’s best friend’s sister Sherry has a tight, smokin’ hot body, but at 19 she’s still snarky, bratty and a total smart ass.

One evening, Jay is editing his B-Movie horror flick at his best friend Dale’s house, while Dale makes a quick dinner-run. Sherry begs Jay to show her some of the scenes. It starts with her putting her hands on his shoulders to watch… rubbing her firm breasts against his back… then describing a blow job in explicit detail she gave in a homemade online video (which she insists on showing him right then.)

Jay remembers how Dale punched out a guy once for just checking out Sherry’s tight ass, so he doesn’t dare make a move. And what if her conservative parents come home?

Sherry teases him more. She pulls up her t-shirt, showing him how hard he made her nipples. She unbuckles his belt. She knows she has him. Jay is helpless.

Then Sherry offers him the ultimate: Twenty minutes to do anything he wants to her before his best friend and her parents get back. Anything. Jay must decide whether to do what he knows is right… or take her offer and have the night of his live – a fantasy fulfilled. The clock is ticking…

My Best Friend’s Sister is a college romance told from Jay’s point of view, but it’s intended for both men and women who love erotic short stories. (It’s also a comedy.) This 6800+ word story contains explicit, uncensored descriptions of consensual sex, including oral and anal.

The scent of a soft perfumed powder filled my nose. Lavender and violet. Oh, that’s what she was doing in the bathroom so long. She had this whole thing planned. I licked her belly button some more.
“Sixteen minutes,” she said.
I stood and kissed her long on the lips. When we stopped, we looked in each others’ eyes. Silence. Then, we both said at exactly the same moment,
Sherry leaped to Dale’s nightstand and yanked open the bottom drawer. She reached under some B-movie horror magazines and pulled out a handful of condoms.
“Look at that,” I said, “Dale never told me he was getting some action.”
“He’s not. The expiration date on these is about six years ago.” Sherry flipped through them, then lit up.
“Look Jay! This one’s only four and a half years out of date. Well, it’ll do in a pinch!” She ripped it open with her teeth and pulled it out of the packet. It was a sorry-looking rubber indeed, bent and twisted. “It lost the lubricant. Mmm. Oh, well-”
She fell to her knees and stroked my dick, blowing in the condom like she was breathing life into it. It straightened out and she slipped it over my dick.
Dale would kill me if he walked in right now. He punched out a dude once for just looking at Sherry’s ass… even though she was nineteen! My fingers quivered.
Sherry turned and hopped on Dale’s bed, bouncing like it was a trampoline. She stuck her bare ass high in the air. It was round and perfectly heart-shaped. Sherry was fair-skinned, but had no tan-lines. She spread her knees and eased her cheek on the pillow, showing off her pussy too. I got on my knees and moved along the bed to her.
She peered around at me with furrowed eyebrows. She said in a clipped whisper, “Eleven minutes, Hon-”

December 4
KT Bowe
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