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A man worried about the world he would be leaving to his children falls asleep in 1992 and wakes up in 2076. Fearing the worst, he asks the people he meets how the major problems of 1992 were resolved. Two weeks later, he returns to his time with the answers. This book, first published in 1994 but still relevant today, is not an apocalyptic nightmare, but a look at a possible healthy future earth.

February 27
Lawrence John Brown
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Shahchip ,


Like the other reviewer I do not always agree with the author but overall the book is an interesting albeit different perspective on society.

Realjoekewl ,

An Enlightening book

Although I highly disagreed with the authors opinions on subjects such as communism and religion I found that he justified all of his opinions and so I have lots of respect for him.

This book is a book about the authors opinions on how America (And the world) should change in the coming decades and in what way that will happen. It presents this in a unique and interesting way, the author wakes up in the year 2076 and spends a week in the future. He portrays a future in which everyone lives in small rural villages (for the most part) and most people work as farmers. The world has turned into a communist utopia where everything is shared perfectly, and debates are settled through court not violence.

The author also believes that science is no different than religion and should be abolished. Even though I'm an atheist and a large supporter of science I found that the he made some very interesting and convincing comparisons.

This book changed my opinions on many issues and I highly recommend it.

Best Regards, Hope you enjoyed my review
Joey D. From Canada

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