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I should have told him the truth from the beginning. It was my twin who took his money and agreed to bear his child. But now it's too late. 

I had my life all mapped out. Graduate in three months, find a stable job, and get Dad to live with me in sunny Florida. That was the plan...until my evil identical twin struck again, and I ended up at the beck and call of a tall, dark, and handsome stranger who wouldn't even give me his name.

Even worse, I'm obliged to lose my first time to this arrogant piece of sheikh, and all the other times after that...until I'm carrying his heir. 

The lawyers tell me I'll get sued if I don't do as my new lord and master says, but I don't care. The sheikh is a world-class jerk, a selfish and cruel bully who's used to taking what he wants, no matter the cost. He might think he has me trapped, but I'm ready to fight him tooth and nail...until I find out about Dahlia hooking up with the guy I've been secretly crushing on for years

That's when everything changes, and I'm thinking maybe...maybe instead of solving this mess I'm in, I should just embrace the chaos and see where it takes me.

I bet my sister would absolutely go insane with rage once she finds out her plans have backfired, and my future baby daddy is a gorgeous, powerful sheikh who's going to keep me in luxury for the rest of my life.

It's the perfect plan of revenge, and it's a win-win situation for both the sheikh and me. 

It should've worked, too...but everything goes horribly and heartbreakingly wrong instead.

November 13
Jaded Speck Publishing
Jaded Speck Publishing LLC

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