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I used to think that a bowl of cereal with milk and a banana for breakfast were better than three eggs with bacon. I have changed my mind. I have decided to follow a low carbohydrate diet for the rest of my life. I started with a low carb diet in 1998 and two medicals studies on my heart have convinced me that this was the right thing to do.

Health, Mind & Body
March 8
Fernando Urias
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TsukiKoori ,

Thank you!!!!

Thank you!! You saved me a ton of reading other sources! I enjoyed how the use of insulin and how it converts to sugar was explained. How our body can't use carbs the way we need protein and fats!

Thank you for sharing your own experience. It was nice to know that someone is going or had gone through a similar diet.

I had done a few research into eating low carb diet. I didn't bother reading into Atkins and Bernstein. Since I was practicing a ketone diet. I try to remind myself to eat like a caveman. Well, with a lot more cooked meats.

I struggle from diabetes since I was 16. But didn't pay attention to my condition until 10 years later. I struggle with insulin injections and just don't understand how it works! I gained so much weight after starting with insulin. But lately I began to eat as little carbs as possible. It took time to adjust to a new life style. Almost a year. But I can live with, 20-30g of carbs a day with out a problem. 1hr weight train and 30mins to 1 hr of Cardio if I feel like it. Because of the low carb diet and exercise I only use very little insulin now. I lost 17lb since last April and believe to have gained some muscle mass too. I sometimes load on carbs since my body does crave it, but on usual day, I go back to plain meat and steam egg whites... And some veggies.

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