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Design is a thinking process to solve problem. People have been designing things since a very beginning. Back then, environmental consideration was not their top priority. Without having the consideration of environment, people have led this world into a climate crisis and global warming. Many disasters are happening in this world and climate crisis is one of the major factors that cause those disasters. In addition to the cause of the climate crisis, it also impacts on social human life, like food crisis, diseases, malnutrition, dtc. Design process has to be changed in order to reduce climate crisis. Sustainability is the only solution to answer this global problem. For every activities including design process, people need to start to consider about environmental condition.

Hospice is a place of care that focuses on palliation of terminally ill patients. Hospice offers more to a care rather than to cure.  Usually hospice are built with less design thinking and more to the functions. Medication and healthcare are the main concern in hospice. There are some reasons why hospice essentially needs to be redesigned and rethought. Hospice is usually a design-free zone, it usually the choose toward health care and medication. However, many research have proven that how the space is designed also affects the psychology of human. In designing a hospice, it is crucial to understand how the psychology of human works in different kind of space. It is essential to study and apply the informations about human psychology of how the mentality of human reacts about certain things around them to the hospice design to make a therapeutical space. By applying the correct choice, the space would be able to control the human’s psychology to affect the condition of patient’s mentality to be better. The space has to be able to control the human psychology and mentality to provide the right mood within the space in order to make a definite affect on patient motivation and stress level.

The main purpose of this writing is to understand how sustainable works and also to explore how human’s psychology reacts to certain spaces.  To design a space that is sustainable and therapeutical, certain aspects need to be considered. The space needs be provided the further thought beyond just offering functionality of medication and healthcare purposes. Aesthetic and comfort of the patient is as equal as the function itself because when the space could collaborate with human’s psychology and make human’s mentality become better, it starts to affect their physical health as well.

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