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Have you ever noticed that a sauce can make a drab meal better, or how a sauce can make a good meal awesome?
Sauces can make any dish more exciting. If the thought of creating your own sauce from scratch sounds daunting, or if you have been curious how to create a mouth watering sauce that others will rave over then this book is perfect for you.
Ashley Clark and I have explored the secret to making a perfect raw vegan sauce and compiled it into this straightforward, easy-to-use guide / ebook. We give “Top Ten Tips” that break down the key elements needed to create an awesome sauce from scratch. This will help you better understand existing sauce recipes and allow you to experiment and make your own with confidence!

One of the problems with pre-made sauces found in stores is that they contain sugar, preservatives, processed oils, artificial flavors, colors, sugar, and salt. With this book you can avoid all of that by giving you the tools to create your own. We teach you in this book how to make low fat creamy sauces and how to thicken and sweeten sauces naturally and make them savory without the use of salt, gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, soy, oil and processed sugars! Whether you are fully raw, or looking to add more raw foods to your diet, this book will help you gain the tools you need to be a saucy pro!

What you Will Get!

This ebook will empower you to make great tasting raw sauces!
Our Top Ten Tips for making Naturally Rawsome Sauces from scratch!
Step by step guide to creating your own amazing sauces
Learn why raw vegan sauces are optimal for your health
Be inspired to create more sauces with confidence
Enjoy more raw foods in your daily lifestyle
Food Combining Tips and Chart for best digestion and absorption of nutrients
Our Favorite Tools in the kitchen
How to sweeten sauces without sugar
How to make sauces savory without salt
How to make a creamy sauce without dairy or a lot of fat
What makes a sauce go POW with flavor!
Our favorite staple recipes that we make everyday!
Taking sauces to the next level – dips, dressings and soups.
and so much more!

Dr Sam “Chris Kendall and Ashley Clark have put together an awesome resource that is destined to help many people walk down a healthier path overall. They deliver the ‘awesome sauce’ for sure! The textures, flavors, nutrition, and love that is put into these recipes is fantastic. Investing in this culinary guide will be money well spent on your health!”
-Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, DPT, Author, Speaker, Health Consultant; DrSamPT.com

Why eat Raw Sauces?

When you make a sauce yourself you know exactly what’s in it.
You choose what goes into your body.
Sauces made from fresh, raw, whole food ingredients are better for your health than their processed and cooked counterparts. Canned/Jar sauces often contain unhealthy ingredients like white sugar, preservatives, processed oils, artificial flavors and colors and a lot of salt. The more raw foods you choose to enjoy in your diet the better you will feel inside and out.
Just as making smoothies can help you eat more fruit, making rawsome sauces can help you eat more veggies! You can fit lot more in when you blend them into a sauce and with our top tips and step by step guide, they will not only be nutritious but taste amazing!

The average person rotates through 5-7 staple dinner meals

whether they are eating raw vegan or the SAD (Standard American Diet) most people follow this rotation.

If you can find 5-7 raw vegan meals that you LOVE, it will make eating raw, fresh, whole fraw vegan meals that you LOVE, it will make eating raw, fresh, whole foods a breeze… and now that you know it’s all about the sauce, you can utilize this eBook to explore your tastes and create rawmazing staple recipes for yourself.

If you are looking for a place to start, Chris and Ashley share their staple sauces that they make everyday!

Let’s Get Saucy!!!

Wishing you Much
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