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Nelson Mandela

The Inspirational Life Story of Nelson Mandela; Law Student, Revolutionary, and President of A Unified South Africa

By Patrick Bunker

Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest larders to ever walk this earth. He has taught the world many important lessons and even though he is dead, his life will be remembered for years to come. It is very important for all people of the world to learn about the story of “The father of South Africa.”
This book takes a look at Nelson Mandela’s inspirational life journey. You will learn about Mandela’s life, opinions, accomplishments, and much more. You will learn the whole story, starting with Mandela’s childhood and ending with his death. This great leaders search for justice was very difficult, but he managed to learn important life lessons through his struggle.
Nelson was a very well educated man and he took a particular interest in law and politics. He had experienced both wealth and poverty in his early life and he always managed to connect with the people around him regardless of the circumstances. Mandela discovered a cause worth fighting for and he had every intention to do so without breaking the law.
It did not take long for Mandela to discover that he was not making any progress through legal actions and he reached a point where he felt the only option he had left was to break the law. Nelson Mandela became a revolutionary in his own country. He organized people from all over Africa to help him overthrow the South African Government.
Mandela and his organization were not able to overthrow the South African Government and they ended up getting life in prison for the destruction they caused. Many people thought that this would be the end of Mandela, but he proved his critics wrong. Nelson went through a radical change of opinion in prison and this made a huge effect on his political strategy.

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