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‘The longing to find connection is powerful enough to sweep away fear and common sense, seducing the most stubborn and detached souls with the promise of wholeness. It’s something we all long for—even if that connection means confronting old demons. 

Lily Stone and Ryder Bishop, both victims of childhood abuse and neglect, experience an overwhelming desire for the other—the intensity of their emotional and physical relationship binds and ties them with an unexpected force that astonishes them both.

But Ryder has a secret from his past that connects them on an even deeper level—a secret that could destroy the woman he loves and rip them apart. 

Never Before draws readers into a decadent world of passion and pleasure, where two fragile hearts must find the strength to overcome emotional trauma and psychological pain to heal each other.

Fiction & Literature
September 19
Jagged Edge Publishing Inc.
Tamara Herman

Customer Reviews

Jax mum ,

Really proud

Have to say I'm really excited by our novel. One of the things I love most about it is the importance put onto understanding the emotional psyche of women in our North American society. The exploration of mental illness, sex, and love is brilliantly woven to paint a detailed picture on how women develop, and how men can strongly contribute to, or negatively affect, that development.

I'm especially excited to be able to represent our city of Toronto, Canada, recently rated one of the top cities in the WORLD in which to live. Toronto is such an incredible place, filled with unique people, culture, arts, and nightlife. It's a pleasure to showcase this.

And this novel is damn well-written! The imagery, plot arc, symbolism, and character development are paramount to our story. I feel that, as authors, we have really hit upon a new niche -well-written literature with the hottest sex possible!

Book two "coming" soon!