New Children of Earth Reach, Teach and Inspire New Children of Earth Reach, Teach and Inspire

New Children of Earth Reach, Teach and Inspire

The Indigo Children

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The New children come in all varieties, Indigo, Crystal, Octarines, Magenta, Star and there will be many more. They all have one thing in common, they live, move and breathe in the reality of wholeness. They show us a new harmony, a tapestry of Divine Law. Any interruption in the way they process life with this harmonious flow and ebb of energy literally causes them to 'bounce off the walls'. There is need to understand the way their energy moves and functions, so it may be used in a productive way. This is a worldwide phenomenon. "New Children of Earth' reveals 22 "Creation Codes', rhythms of consciousness belonging to the New children, the way they move, function, maintain balance, accelerate their development and most important the way they bring knowledge into wisdom and love to humanity. This is break-through information on how children are born with an expanded spirit of wholeness for the creation of a new reality.

This information helps parents and professionals deal with one of the most important issues of our times, our children and their multi-dimensional abilities. Presently, the two-dimensional way of teaching children is causing great confusion for them, resulting in ADHD and other psychological symptoms. Any interruption in the natural flow of information received, transmitted and translated causes the children to literally, 'climb the walls'. The souls coming to earth need us to help them activate these formless spiritual Cycles of Love to sustain their life's purpose.


The energy patterns of this new consciousness, provides us with codes, Creation Codes, birthed in the New children, in accordance with the love and harmony of Universal Law, expanding and in harmony with all galaxies. The coupling of polarity is bringing about a change in the way we engage with Universal Law.


Together the codes are called, 'IMPULSE', which is the nature of this expanded system. The movements of each code weave the vibrations, pulses of sound and color as they flow in and out of the body. Each code can be done separately, however, when the codes are connected, they form a tapestry with a specific order and sequence, like a Mandela. The codes open up the phenomenon of the New children, showing us how to understand and experience them, using their way of learning to carry them forward. The codes help us move our consciousness into the future and thereby apply to everyone. They are diagnostic and or treatment tools. The pulses emanate from the heart of One directly into the heart of all creating unity, harmony and inter-connectedness.

The properties of each code are presented pictorially with 22 drawings, which are done, showing children gesturing, making the information more understandable. Jean has three self-published publications: A New Art of Movement: Circle Math: Cycles of Love-Unfolding in the first year of life. She is presently working a fifth book; The Diamond of Education-What Kind Of Education Would Result If We Learned In The Way We Are Created? And the latest book on, "The Growing of a Child" These are all part of: New Children Creation Series
This is a nonfiction manuscript, a positive self-help manual for parents and professionals who find themselves frustrated by children they do not always understand

Professional & Technical
April 17
Trafford Publishing

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