Nikola Tesla: A Biography

The True Story of Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla made perhaps what are some of the most critical strides towards the modern technology as we know it to date. His inventions power, and perhaps will continue to power our infrastructure for decades and centuries to come. However, his inventions came at a high cost. Smart brains and geniuses such as Nikola Tesla are difficult to come across, but consider how many of us may have the same potency and smartness as Tesla, but we never really make an attempt to find our true capabilities similar to the leap of faiths that Tesla did.

His live was full of adventures and stories, while many other scientists do not share even a fraction of the hardships that Tesla had to go through. Many of us would have collapsed entirely in face of poverty as Tesla had faced during the winters of 1887. It was his persistence and dedication to his craft that got him through the worst times, and after the dark tunnel, came the blissful light of global appreciation and prominence. Indeed, Nikola was for a time known as amongst the best scientists in the world. However, his own incompetence with commerce and money and indomitable greed of human nature led to a systematic erosion of his name from our textbooks.

Few people today are aware of the great strides made by Tesla. Most of his works were stolen by others, his patents illegally or deceptively transferred, and his name taken away from his creations, claimed by those who did not share even a light of dedication and hard-work that Tesla had poured forth. In school, we learn a lot about George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison, but never Tesla. Yet, indeed, Albert Einstein had given the title of the world’s most intelligence man to Nikola Tesla, what else could be an honour of greater value?

It is now our responsibility to keep Tesla’s name and history alive for all the great contributions that he had bestowed to mankind, lest he be forgotten in long-published history books that never again see the light of the day. We must remember Tesla in our hearts, and fight to ensure that no one takes the credit of his hard-work and diligence to themselves. And most importantly, we must try and find the Nikola Tesla, the intelligence within us, and start contributing to the development of ourselves, our families, and our communities for the wellbeing of our generations to come, through our own little way.

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- His Birth and Early Years

- The Impact of His Father’s Death and Recovery

- His Initial Contact with Thomas Edison

- His Later Years and Attraction to Pigeons

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