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Winner of Most Popular Romance Category of the 2012 Watty Awards. Annalise is your typical quiet nerd that is content with blending into the background. Tristan is the popular captain of the soccer team that all the girls want to be with. Not to mention, future Alpha of the Monhegan Moonlight Pack. Annalise Foster has been Tristan Evans next door neighbor all her life. Their paths in life never seemed to cross as they are from two totally different worlds. Tristan's never took notice to Annalise. He's known of her and who she is, but he's never really seen her...the real her...that is until she comes back a changed girl from summer camp. Things start changing and soon Annalise is thrown into a life filled with excitement and adventure. Who would've thought the boring girl had bite? Notice Me is Book 1of the Monhegan Moonlight Trilogy

Young Adult
June 1
Lili Lam
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

kvvvvvvvvv85 ,


I got about 20 pages in, that is all I could manage. This book (or writer) won an award? How?? I’m sorry, but this book is written like crap. Not only is it not plausible, the wording and grammar is awful as well.

Katybug89 ,

Public Shame

I’m guessing that English isn’t this author’s first language. And if it is… well, someone who barely passed high school English class should avoid any and all hobbies related to the subject. Just a tip.

NasRouse ,


This book was so far fetched. Nothing about it seemed realistic at all. In the beginning Tristan realized that Lisa was his mate (which is fine) but then maybe a few pages into it, he kissed her. Like what. You just met here and you kiss her?? Then way farther into the book it tells how Tristan and the gang are going to rescue Mia from the rogues. It says how Tristan is in wolf form and is running towards the compound to save her and all of a sudden Lisa calls his cell phone... And he answers.. While he's in WOLF FORM... Like what. I honestly forced myself to finish the book because I wanted to see if maybe the book will get better... But it didn't. I am so disappointed with it.

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