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The first book to approach the Yom Kippur War from both Arab and Israeli perspectives, this is an analysis of the background, planning, and preparations for the war as well as a narrative of the campaigns during the attack, holding actions, counterattacks, flanking attack, and break through phases.  Unlike previous conflicts, both sides were equipped with modern weapons, some seldom if ever seen in battle.  Israel was forced to modify its tactics in face of Arab air and ground missiles, abandoning the air force tradition role and moving them as flying artillery, both close air support and interdiction for a combined arms column tipped with armor. This inspired the US Airland Battle Doctrine.

…a comprehensive, richly documented political – military analysis of the war.. – Nissim Rejewan, The Jerusalem Post Magazine

…recommended reading for the serious student of modern mechanized warfare. – General James H. Polk, USA (Ret.) Strategic Review

…offers useful insights to be considered when the U. S. plan its own defense needs – Development and Foreign Policy Report

The book provides a very good military account of the war and is even-handed in its treatment with a flowing text. – Frank Clements, British Society for Middle Eastern Studies

I recommend this book to the student of military science in general and to the student of military intelligent in particular – Major John Skelton, Military Intelligence.

About the author - Frank Aker

Indiana University graduate and former Navy Commander.  He is a graduate of The Sea Bee Battalion School, The US Marine Command and Staff College, and the Naval War College studies in Strategy and International Relations. He studied Dentistry at the University of Louisville, with additional advanced degrees from IU and Webster U. He completed the postgrad program in endodontics at U. of Illinois at Chicago and practices in Plano, Texas.

Keywords: October War, Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War, Strategy, Tactics, Blitzkrieg, Tanks, Missiles, Airforce, Armies,

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