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“Very sexy” “Will get you very hot!" "A red hot lesbian seduction"

The girl stood and tucked her white blouse neatly into that blue skirt, showing the full alluring contours of her bust.

“Bella, do you have a lock on your door?”

Bella felt her throat getting a little dry. She was really hoping her cheeks were not too rosy at this point.

“I do, but…”

“Well could you lock it for me?”

Bella froze, and then the girl continued with a firmer note in her voice, pausing between key words as if talking to someone younger or at any rate more foolish than herself.

“Bella, I would like you… to lock… the… door for me.”

But Bella was still frozen in fear, so the girl continued:

“You don’t want anyone coming in and disturbing us, do you?... Like your boss, for example?”

“No, no, of course not… that’s… that’s the last thing I would want,” Bella replied a little weakly. She was wondering if there might be some kind of veiled threat there.

“So….?” The girl was arching one eyebrow now and glancing a little imperiously at the door itself.

Bella got up, her heart racing faster than the Grand National, and moved towards the door. Clunk! It was locked. For better or worse, she’d done it! Now it was just the two of them shut safely, or at least invisibly, away - and who knew what this beautiful girl was going to do to her amongst the piles of books and files and papers?

Bella watched in rapt attention as the girl took that long purple pin from her immaculate hair-bun, and let her long brown locks fall and bounce around her shoulders. Then in that husky, honeyed voice, the girl half-whispered:

“Go and stand by the window please, facing the trees!”

Bella blushed and nodded. She raised herself from her chair as gracefully as her nervous excitement would allow and walked over the window. She was happy that she had worn her shiny red heels that day, as well as a figure-hugging red skirt that was a little shorter than usual, topped off with a well-ironed white blouse.

“Now put your hands on the window-cill”, the girl continued. “I do not want you to take them off until I say so! Understood?”

Fiction & Literature
January 22
Paris Rivera
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