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Publisher Description

At 10 years of age, Olivia Rose considered herself to be a “regular kid.” She lived near the beach with her family and best friends Phoebe and Nick. However when Nick’s parents separate and Nick moves away with his mother and sister, Olivia begins to learn about pain and realizes that life may not be as simple as it seems.
By the time Olivia is in High School, she feels she has nothing special to offer. When Nick returns to live with his dad, Olivia struggles with the competing interests of her friendship with Phoebe and her own desires. Olivia’s mum becomes so worried about her daughter that she sends her to stay with her Aunt Sarah for the summer.
At Aunt Sarah’s house Olivia begins to learn about her Greek heritage and the magic of its secrets and traditions. By the time Olivia returns home she is able to rebuild her friendship with Phoebe, and come to terms with her true feelings for Nick.
It is now up to Olivia to decide whether she will embrace the secrets of her heritage or walk away from it altogether. Whatever Olivia decides, there is no looking back. Her life is no longer simple and her family and its secrets will change her life forever.
Selling Points
- The first in a trilogy of fiction stories which embrace romance and fiction for teens and young women
- Through fiction, identifies and deals with the issues facing teenagers and young women today
- A ‘coming of age’ tale for the new generation

Young Adult
August 3
Jane Corcoran
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