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American-born and raised around the world, Lady Pearl Weston is miserable in England.  Though she is English by blood, she was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.  When her brother became the latest Marquess of Lansdale, she was compelled to follow him to London and begin life anew.  The only problem is, she is far from being as easily accepted by the ton as he is and is relegated to the very fringes of polite Society.  Labeled a hoyden and harlot, she wishes for nothing more than to escape restrictive English society.

That is until the night she receives an unexpected midnight visitor and her entire world is suddenly upended by a single kiss.

The bastard son of a peer and a maid, Jacob Beeston is known as the "Barrister to the Peerage."  Well respected by everyone, he has had eyes only for Lady Pearl since she first came to England with her brother the previous year, no matter how far above his touch she might be.  However, Jacob knows his place in Pearl's world, and it is not in her bed - much as he might wish otherwise.  Still, circumstances have a way of drawing the two of them together repeatedly until one lonely night, he can no longer resist the temptation she poses and gives in to his overwhelming desire to kiss her.

Will Pearl and Jacob find a way to break free of what is expected or are they destined to keep to the roles that Society has defined for them?  Even if those roles never even come close to who they both truly are at heart?

November 15
Bethany M. Sefchick
Draft2Digital, LLC

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