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Why doesn't God do something to stop the evil and suffering in the world? Some people who call themselves the "Atheists Against God" think they know the answer. And they know what they’re going to do about it, too.

A hired gun—who doesn’t use a gun and won’t be hired by just anyone—realizes that his profession is killing him, but finds it hard to quit. Until he discovers that his talent has more uses than he ever dreamed possible.

A young boy learns that his best friend is an alien. But does that mean they have to stop being friends?

Meet interesting, complex characters; explore worlds both strange and all-too-familiar; and discover the answer to thought-provoking mysteries in this collection of 13 short stories by Karl El-Koura. Twelve of these short tales were previously published in magazines between 1998 and 2010, while the bonus story is exclusive to this collection. Organized in three sections—Fear, Faith, and Love—this anthology also contains an introduction by the author, as well as forewords to accompany each story (an afterword in the case of the bonus story).

Spanning a wide range of genres (including science fiction, fantasy, horror, detective fiction, military fiction, and superhero fiction) and a wide range of lengths (from the shortest story at 250 words to the longest at 7500 words), "Ooter's Place and Other Stories of Fear, Faith, and Love" is an eclectic collection. Join the author as he introduces you to stories both light and dark, fun and serious, always entertaining.

"Ooter's Place and Other Stories of Fear, Faith, And Love" is approximately 43,000 words (175 pages) and also contains a three-story excerpt from the author's short story collection "The Lost Stories: A Series of CoSmic Adventures."

Praise for stories included in this collection:

AT WAR—"A Bradbury-esque piece." (SFReader)

HOW YOU DIE—"The tension builds steadily into the wonderful climax and I could easily see this making a leap into the verbal horror tradition that spawned it." (Tangent Online)

THE MAN WHO MISTOOK HIMSELF FOR A SUPERHERO—"After some very funny, sometimes poignant encounters . . . we discover why [the protagonist] is able to do what he does. And what happens to guys who think they are superheroes—but aren't. A very appealing story." (Tangent Online)


Part I: Stories of Fear

How You Die
Phantom Spouse Syndrome
Tom's Refrigerator
Corpse Of My Life

Part II: Stories of Faith

The Man Who Mistook Himself for a Superhero
Atheists Against God and the Devil of Destruction
The Talent

Part III: Stories of Love

They Came From Ooter's Place
Making Simbta
At War
The Curious Case of the Book Baron

Bonus: A Story of Faith, Fear, and Love

Chasing Carrots

Fiction & Literature
July 13
Karl El-Koura
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