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Open Up the Backdoor: Five Explicit Erotica Stories of Anal Sex

And don't worry if it's stuck. Just kick it down if you have to!  This collection is filled with tiny tight openings and anal sex that runs from gently and sexy to scorching and rough!  It's all just a click away so download now and you can start reading in just seconds.  So, get this collection on your kindle, bend over, and... read.  Just read.  That's all we meant.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes First Anal Sex, Anal Sex with a Stranger, Rough Anal Sex, Anal Rimming, Double Penetration , Bondage Anal Sex, Anal Sex in the Office, and more so only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

1. Jennifer's Library Encounter: First time anal sex with a stranger by Joni Blake

The library is supposed to be a quiet place, a place for reading, for learning. I work here, and it’s my job to help people find what they’re looking for in all the books I take care of. But the last thing I’d ever expected was to be taught something completely new, and by a total stranger.

2. Submissive Desire: My first time with Bondage by Zoey Winters

Melody is a workaholic. She’s young and successful- and lonely. It seemed like every time she found a man, work called and got in the way. That is until one night. She decided to try online dating but found that even though the medium in which she met men had changed, the end result was the same: loneliness. Then she found Derek, a man that seemed to deliver the kind of sin she was looking for. His specialty was bondage, hot, sexy bondage. That’s what she wanted but when she finally met Derek, Melody got more than she had bargained for. That more’s name was Ray. See what kind of naughty, sexy game Derek and Ray put a helpless Melody through and see how thankful she is for it.

3. Back Door Revenge: A First Anal Sex with a Stranger Erotica Story by Diana Dare

I just couldn't believe it.  My husband and the father of my child was cheating on me--luckily, though, I learned the bad news before I fulfilled his strongest, most secret sexual fantasy.  So now it’s my turn: I've decided to live out my own fantasy with Rodrigo, an ultra hot Latin waiter.  Now I have my own back door lover; in more ways than one!

4. The Sex Assistant: Bondage and Submissive Threesome Erotica by Janie Moore

For someone like me, the idea that anyone would pay close attention to me or my body was completely foreign until a recent company meeting at my boss' house. For years I have been the best employee I could be and I was proud to show up at his home for what was supposed to be some exclusive meeting. When I arrived and shortly thereafter, I was treated to what easily is the most erotic and shocking time of my entire life. I always was a hard worker before but after that night of incredible passion I knew I would always strive to please and be the best assistant I could be.

5. Backdoor Business: First Anal Sex with a Stranger by Ruth Blaque

Driving to distant cities to meet with people she didn’t know and pitching fashion-based ad campaigns is old hat to Marny Sands, but from the very beginning this particular trip was different. For one thing, what kind of a fashion company held a business conference in a remote place like Butte, Montana? She dutifully went to the meeting, but the man she found there definitely was like no other she’d ever seen. Tall, sexy, Italian, his very presence fired her up to fever pitch. So tantalized was she that she willingly succumbed to her desires. But when Kyle Rose found himself without a condom, and neither one wanted to stop, there was nothing else to do but improvise in the most delightful of ways.

Fiction & Literature
March 7
DigiSmith Press
Steven Smith

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