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Open Wide: An Abecedarium for the Great Digestive System Randy Lee Cutler's full colour enhanced e-book brings together writing, images and music that reflects a fascination for digestion as a metaphor for experience. Assembling her interests in writing, curating and contemporary art Cutler has obsessively followed the looping trajectory of metabolism expanding the topic beyond its conventional implications. What is offered here is an imaginative and unusual collection of writing and images, an ABC primer that is an alphabet guide to bodily rhythms, chemical reactions and aesthetic transformations. Each entry is a portrait of digestion from a different perspective with images that enigmatically enhance the subject’s unfolding. Taken as a whole Open Wide: An Abecedarium for the Great Digestive System offers a banquet of possibilities that range from visual art and cinema to ecology, biology and philosophical meditations. 

Whether through creative non-fiction, print media, experimental video, or performance art, Randy Lee Cutler explores the aesthetics of appetite and sustenance. Her research is drawn from art history, food studies and philosophy among other areas of interest.

    Arts & Entertainment
    April 1
    Theory Island Press
    Randy Cutler

    Customer Reviews

    Doctor Suess ,


    Great book. Cutler uses humor and sharp insight to explore the much overlooked second brain, the gut. Her language is playful, critical, personal and fun to read. Beautifully paired with luscious and diverse images. A perfect gift for an art lover, philosopher or anyone interested in what's going on inside the human digestive system.

    sadirar ,

    Intriguing, informative and creative...

    Randy Lee Cutler has created a wonderful mix of image and text, to tell stories about things that you may never stop to wonder about. From A to Z, each alphabet explores a new idea through meticulous research, humor, and beautiful works by artists from across the globe. My favorite is the apple.... Thank you to the author for writing something that I pick up over and over again, and each time I learn something new, and I consider the world in new ways. Bravo!

    emacken ,


    An extraordinary book to be savoured often, in different ways—from a quick snack to a leisurely banquet. This cornucopia of image, text and sound is difficult to summarize, but easy to enjoy!

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