Options Trading for Beginners

Investing Strategies You Need to Know to Generate Passive Income through Options Trading

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Are you looking to learn about investing?

Are there too many sources?

Are there too many books that are full of technical jargon that nobody understands?

No idea where to get started?

If your answer is "yes", then this book is the #1 guide to get you started.

Maybe you have money sitting in the bank that's not growing. Maybe inflation is eating it out faster than your dog would eat through a fried chicken. Maybe you made some bad investments in the past and are weary about the future.

The answer to all the above concerns is knowledge; and putting that knowledge to the test. The benefit of this book is that it explains the concepts of options in layman's terms. There is a section on technical terms; which explains each of them clearly.

You can learn why options trading is better than most investments out there.

While there are a 100 different ways to invest your money, there are very few ways to help reduce your downside risk. Options Trading, if done right, can help hedge against bad stock performance. However, options trading is very confusing; with lots of methods, long definitions and puzzling contracts. The media also tends to simplify the stock market by talking about stocks and bonds only. As a result, most people do not bother looking into options. Heck, a lot of people haven't even heard of options trading.

But, I assure you, options trading can be significantly profitable; and a great complement to your exisiting investment portfolio.

Here's What's Included In this Book: How Options Can be Superior to Stocks and how you can use this knowledge to maximize your profits

5 of the very best brokerages to get you started investing in options Why the "Strike Price" is the a very important part of an Options Chain; and other common definitions The one method used by Options Traders to Generate Passive Income in a Recession Why a 'Put' Option is safer than a 'Short' in a recession with several examples The Best Indicator to Determine if you are in a Bear or Bull Market 5 Advanced Options Strategies to take your Income to the Next Level

Many traders avoid options because of the myth that options are risky, difficult to understand, and that a good number of options expire worthlessly. However, this is not true. After reading this book, your mindset will change completely, and you will start seeing options trading differently.

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July 20
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