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The Mac is a great tool, but it's easy to trip over its unfamiliar traits as you become a more-skilled user. Author Diane Yee has scoured online resources, documentation, and support forums for tips and tricks that eliminate annoyances and save time. This book presents dozens of nontrivial fixes, to-the-point tips, and clever workarounds in one concise and clearly organized reference. You'll find practical hints for everything from the onscreen keyboard to iTunes U to Finder tabs, including documented (but little-known) tips as well as previously undocumented ones. Dip into OS X Hidden Gems for a quick tip from time to time, or read it cover to cover.

• Nothing but tips, tricks, and workarounds.

• Covers OS X El Capitan and earlier versions.

• Full-color illustrations and step-by-step instructions.

• Plenty of linked cross-references -- you're always a tap away from related topics or refresher info.

• Links to in-depth articles on the web.


1. Searching With Spotlight

2. Encrypting Files In a Disk Image

3. Dictating Text

4. Adding Your Signature to PDF Files

5. Summarizing Text

6. Taking Screenshots

7. Saving Time With Hot Corners

8. Pinning Frequently Visited Webpages In Safari

9. Viewing Two Apps Side by Side With Split View

10. Previewing Files Without Opening Them

11. Posting Virtual Sticky Notes On Your Screen

12. Sharing Files Between Devices With AirDrop

13. Typing Accented Characters, Symbols, and Emojis

14. Using Finder Tabs

15. Doing More With Calculator

16. Running Internet Explorer On Your Mac

17. Adding a Message to Your Login Screen

18. Texting From Your Mac

19. Quitting a Frozen Application

20. Uninstalling Programs

21. Freeing Drive Space

22. Learning With iTunes U

23. Sharing Your Screen With Others

24. Blocking Web Ads

25. Preventing Photos From Opening Automatically

26. Switching Applications Quickly

About the Author

Diane Yee is a technical writer based in Sunnyvale, California.

Computers & Internet
July 28
Honu Press
Diane Yee

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