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In his second anthology of short stories, G.W. Leatherman Parks continues to explore the world of Leathermen, focusing in on Daddy and boy, Master and slave, sadist and masochist, and those that enjoy the lifestyle and those that are about to be converted. In this collection, a secluded park, a river bank on a foggy night, a hammock, and a deserted set of railroad tracks provide several of the settings for these b***r-worthy tales of homomasculine pleasure. Cops, truckers, bikers, and construction workers advance the story line and fuel the fantasies shared by many. Conjure in your mind: The tall black boots of a cop, shined to a mirrored finish, pressed into your crotch as you lie handcuffed and helpless. The rough sensuality of a trucker or a biker who takes what he wants, including your ripe ass. Construction workers, proud to be Leathermen, emerging at the end of the day in their sweaty Leathers, their crotches and pits ready for worship. Expect a few twists in the tale- after all, life is full of surprises as well as a few detours. Never know what to expect when you enter a second-hand shop, celebrate a milestone birthday, or answer a newspaper advertisement... Central to the stories are the pleasures derived from inflicting or receiving pain in the form of flogging, paddling, nipple torture, hot wax, mummification, bondage, boot worship, forced smoke, shaving, and hole stretching. Throughout these stories, the power of Leather and its effect on the men and boys that wear it, will provide you with the inspiration for a hard rod in a packed cod. Now put on your Leathers, including a tight pair of black Leather gloves, sit back, and enjoy this one-handed reading.

Fiction & Literature
March 18
Nazca Plains
The Nazca Plains Corporation