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The Paleo diet is the latest food craze to sweep the globe. And it is no surprise that it has become so popular! With 101 of our happy Cook favorites for you to experiment with, enjoy and share, you will see why!

Because Paleo not a “diet” per se; if there's one thing that all the fad diets in the last few decades have taught us, it's that “diets” don't work.  The idea of temporarily depriving yourself of certain foods until you reach a weight goal has been shown to be counterproductive.  Goals are met, but soon after the pent up urge to eat the “forbidden fruit” overcomes us and before we know it we're back where we started.  It's a vicious cycle.

Which is good.  If you're a diet foods company!

We Need To Get back To The Way Things Were ‘Meant’ To Be

The paleo diet endeavours to get us to eat only those foods which our bodies are “meant” to eat.  The things early humans ate when our race was not surrounded by heaps of plastic processed foods and civilization was still in its infancy. The "Real-Food" diet would be another way to describe it.

Does this mean that we forsake our comforts and tasty menus, and eat only boring, unappetizing dishes for the sake of our health?

Our overwhelming answer is NO WAY!

How about if we could enjoy wonderful, comforting, delicious meals that truly satisfy our body and tastebuds all at once, and utilise Paleo guidelines (no grains, no gluten, no legumes, no dairy).

Jump in and enjoy the health benefits, natural weight loss, and sustained feel-good factor of the "Real Food" diet with our delightful PALEO COMFORT FOODS Cookbook - Super Quick & Easy, Gluten-Free Paleo Comfort Food Recipes.

In the book we cover everything from The Basics, Spice Mixes and Marinades, through to beautifully sumptuous Meat Dishes, Sides and Desserts (plus a whole lot more!). A full arsenal of ready to use awesome recipes that cannot fail to delight.


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January 17
Happy Cook
David Lee Martin

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