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It is no more secret that the space or period of time before the actual development and mechanization of agriculture is referred to as the Paleolithic age or era. But the truth that many may not know is that for over two million years, primitive man scavenged and hunted for meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts, and seeds. 

Besides that, it is now known that this form of diet is known as Paleo diet and as a matter of fact, it has also been called various names like caveman diet, Stone Age diet, and the hunter-gathering diet. 

But, in reality it doesn't matter what we call their diet or even them …they remain our ancestors anyway. However, I want to say that the fact is that most things have remained unchanged! 

Yes, what I am saying is that though, our digestive systems have slowly advanced over the past 10,000 years ever since farming approach altered our diets, the current diet we are consuming now is rather a methodology to nutrition that imitates our ancestors diet for vital health. 

In other words, our minds maybe modern, but in actual fact, our brains and bodies still require the same food. So, you might want to know who made this diet popular in our days anyway. I mean long after our ancestors are far gone. 

Well, there is one named Walter L. Voegtlin, a Gastroenterologist who is credited with creating Paleo diet also usually shortened to Paleo. He made it popular in the 1970s. 

As a matter of fact, he made a vital point in one of his books "The Stone Age Diet," that man (both male and females alike) are carnivores, and as such mainly require proteins, fats, and a little quantity of carbohydrates to perform at his/her peak." 

Nevertheless, in the last thirty years or so, obesity has been on the increase in the United States because of our so called modern diets, which are loaded with processed sugars, preservatives, and fried foods. 

Without doubt, this is why people are now having a renewed interest in what Voegtlin had earlier researched about Paleo diet way back in the '70s, which is a veteran approach to healthy living. 

Anyway, in this book, you will get all the delicious detail for the nutritious value you can derive from a Paleo diet lifestyle that is guaranteed to make you have a healthy eating habit and keep you fit at the same time! 

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July 5
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