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Nearly a third of all businesses will die from cash flow issues.

In any other domain, that would be considered a pandemic. However, in business, this frightening statistic is seen as “just part of the game.” 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Today, there are systems, processes and tools that help businesses not only survive, but thrive. From near-term cash flow forecasts, through to revenue projections and growth plans, businesses now have access to mission critical data, equipping them to take action.

Innovative accounting professionals are leading the charge, as they upend disruption in their own industry and redefine their roles as advisors. Cash flow management is the new centerpiece of their service. 

Pandemic Cash Flow explores the problems businesses face and offers a collaborative and effective solution to crushing the affliction.

Business & Personal Finance
January 14
Blaine Bertsch
Blaine Bertsch

Customer Reviews

r.stony ,

Pandemic Cash Flow

"I finally get it, the Big Picture". I have never read a book that has given me so many aha moments. Thank you Blaine for presenting the concept of cash flow in a clear, and concise manner. I can also attest to the business of cloud computing after my backup hard drive crashed with no hope of data retrieval!

Dcm15 ,

Great book!

This book is outstanding. It is so easy to read and understand. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their business.

Vidadavida ,

Makes a tough topic easy to digest

Any business owner knows that cash flow can turn from the usual stress to an ovewhelming problem in an instant. Pandemic Cash Flow is the guide you need to make real changes in your business and take charge of your money.