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It's every man's dream to have a threesome with another woman. But Sandra wants her threesome her way: with another man.  Tom sets up the meeting, and her fantasy is about to come true. Or is it?  What will happen next? Will it change their lives forever?

This is book 1 of The Cuckold Diaries.

Her hands were all over me, first unbuttoning my shirt and sliding the inside.  Weaving her fingertips through the hair on my chest, she broke our kiss only to bury her head into my neck.  

I knew her body, inside and out.  And I knew her movements; something that only comes with experience and familiarity.  And this was her way of leaping head first into lust.  It was her first step in losing her inhibitions.  She unbuttoned all but the last two buttons on my shirt, and then took a deep breath as she nuzzled her face into me.  

And then... BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ.  My cell phone began to vibrate on the table, breaking our attention.  I grabbed the phone and read the text.  Looking up from my crotch she asked, "Who's texting you now?"

"Umm… Jason."  I said as I read the text.


"Says he's enjoyed meeting you, and..."

Sandra pushed herself back to a seating position,  "And what?" she asked.

"And he's here."

She sat up straight, pulling her hair behind her ears and straightening her dress.  "Oh my God," she said, "Wait, umm..."

I could tell this was not what she was expecting, but I watched her gathering her bearings, searching for her heels.  "You ready for this?" I asked; a devilish grin plastered on my face as I stood and buttoned my shirt before walking to the door.

"No.  I can't," she said.

"Yes you can, and you will," I said emphatically as I opened the door.

"Tom, wait.  This was a mistake.  I don't think I can do this."

"You said this is what you wanted," I said as I stood in the open doorway.

Fiction & Literature
November 2
Sea Island Press
Sea Island Press

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