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Captain Sima Yasmeen of British Intelligence, working deep undercover disguised in an Afghan burkha, infiltrates one of Al-Qu’eda cavernous hideouts in Afghanistan in an attempt to find out what terror mastermind Osama bin Laden is plotting just prior to the 9/11 WTC bombing in New York. When she shockingly discovers that, Osama has acquired a nuclear weapon purchased from a corrupt Army officer, Brigadier Musa Khan, of Pakistan’s ISI Inter-Services Intelligence. And informs her MI6 controller, Colonel Sandy Campbell.

While visiting her oilfield in Kazakhstan to ratify the final route for an oil pipeline, billionaire Rani Becker is brazenly kidnapped by Al-Qu’eda terrorists who intend extorting millions to partially fund Osama’s purchase of the nuclear bomb.

Rani’s team of ex-SAS bodyguards, Killa, Kaffa Dog and Jumbo eventually pick up her trail which leads them from the sparsely inhabited deserts of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, through mountainous Afghanistan, and thence to Rawalpindi and Peshawar in Pakistan where they join forces with Sandy and Sima.

Enlisting the resources of Gurkha RSM Nima and his tough band of ex-Gurkhas from the Himalaya, the combined teams set out to rescue Rani Becker. And also nullify the nuclear bomb threat. They’re brilliantly assisted by Rani’s chief pilot, ex-Falklands combat veteran Max, who tracks the ground convoys using satellite technology and hi-resolution surveillance cameras from the overflying company Hercules.

Still dressed in an Afghani burkha, Sima is rumbled by nuclear physicist Azziz and promptly seized by Musa Khan in the den of contraband narcotics that is Smugglers Bazaar in Peshawar. Rani is coerced into signing the oil pipeline agreement. Still held captive by Ruthless Khan, Rani and Sima and then forced to accompany the nuclear weapon and join Khan’s heroin convoy en-route to a smuggling rendezvous with a vessel on the coast of the Arabian Sea in southern Baluchistan. The rolling fire-fight action is continuous.

This manuscript contains common everyday swearing and humour combined with action packed explosive adventure throughout. It’s meant to entertain and is written by a free person living in a supposedly free speech country. With no offence, implied or intended to any person, political or religious group or culture. The author reserves the right of free speech.

Quite obviously, some literary licence has been exercised in writing this fictional novel. Most of the locations are real. The dates of certain historical events are chronologically correct. For the most part, other than known historical identities already in the public domain; the characters are quite fictitious and any resemblance to dead or living persons in entirely coincidental.

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February 8
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