Paradise Inn Paradise Inn

Paradise Inn

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Jill Moore was elated when receiving the news her husband won a jingle contest conducted by Sweet's Jam Company.  The prize: as Bed and Breakfast Inn with a very historical past.  Located in a small town of Owensville, which was in an agricultural area.  There were few buildings in the town, a post office, grocery store, old Civil War bunkers, a railroad station and the inn.

Little did Jill and Tom Moore know other winners lasted less than a year as inn keepers.  The question remained whether it was the Owen Clan who consistently had the inn under surveillance and seemed to own most of the town or Sadie, a ghost, who reportedly haunted the inn?

Jill kept a secret from her husband, which would come into play when she found herself being transported, on a train, to an unknown destination. When Jill awoke from her sleepwalking, she was in the train's luggage compartment and luckily, none of the Owens detected her presence; however, she witnessed their illegal dealings as foreigners were transported from the Canadian border to Owensville to work in the fields and given fictitious names.  There were other questionable activities in the town.

When safely back at the inn, she confided in her husband, Tom, about the event.  They decided to keep it quiet until one of the illegals came into the inn, through a secret passageway, and allegedly stole expensive jewelry from one of the guest.  It triggered off an investigation, which involved the insurance company and Jill viewing the perpetrator blurted out his fictitious name in front of the investigator causing her to be summons to a hearing on the matter; however, before the event was to take place the so called thief was killed by one of the Owen Clan and Jill's life was in danger because she knew too much.

This tale has a surprise ending with love, suspense and intrigue intermingled throughout each chapter.

Author_Bio: I am presently employed at a hotel in the position of auditor/front desk clerk but have tried several other career fields.  I have an Associate Degree, which includes several English courses.  I've lived overseas in the following countries:  France, Japan and Germany.  Growing up, I moved several times throughout the United States.  I was an Army wife and have two grown sons.  Now that I am semi-retired I write as a hobby. I still travel to Canada and northern United States in the summer.

Keywords: Love, Suspense, Romance, Intrigue, New York, Paradise, Inn

September 1
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