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***[World Setting]***

Parallel is set in the near future, 2045. Massive technological advancements have been made by a Japanese Company known as Genaco, who introduced a new, renewable, extremely powerful power source known as Nesla Coils to the world. The invention sends the economies of several countries crashing in a nosedive and mini-wars erupt around the world as a result.
Fortunately, the wars did not last long. The economies stabilized over time as two new inventions, built with the Nesla Coils as a basis come into the play. The first, were the first ever mobile suit, or mecha, created by an American company, while the other, was the first truly immersive virtual drive system developed by Genaco's Russian branch.

Suzuki Mato, a 17 years old, virtual reality gamer has an online Persona, Razznik Y'Terlow who is a living legend in the game King's Journey. Soon after he quits King's Journey, he is forcefully recruited to participate in a new experiment the company is trying to run.
However, Suzuki Mato has a secret. He can create and destroy multiple personalities within himself. Due to a psychological trauma he suffered as a child, he is mostly bereft of true emotions, and thus creates these personalities so he can 'live' through them, and hopefully, one day regain everything he lost.
The personality created for this brand new game is called Kashi. Kashi is a daeben in the virtual world, a race hated for their atrocities during a great war. The daeben seeks to find a place for himself in this world, carve out his own destiny, and help Suzuki regain his emotions.

Fiction & Literature
December 29
Renoe Kisaragi
Draft2Digital, LLC