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This is a collection of paranormal stories, some are erotic and some aren't. 

Inside, you will find a collection of six stories. they range from all over the map, from vampire to magic portion. I hope you enjoy my stories enough.

“Oh no!” Amelia gasped in horror, and ran out of the shop.

Looking down the street, Amelia saw Gabe sitting on a bus stop bench. The brown paper bag sat at his side, and in his hand, Amelia could just see the glint of an uncorked green glass bottle. “Mr. Fenton, stop. Gabe, don’t drink that!” She called out, running like a wild woman down the street towards him. She watched seemingly in slow motion as he brought the bottle to his lips. “No!” She shouted and slammed into him bringing both of them to the ground. There was the sound of breaking glass, and an odd mixed sensation of warm liquid and pain shot through Amelia’s hand. Looking down, she realized that she had cut herself on the glass from the love potion’s bottle.

“Amelia? What’s the matter? Hey, that tastes like chocolate… and flowers?” With a groan Amelia realized she had been too late. Gabe had already drunk some of the powerful potion. Staring at the handsome man dismayed, she tried to explain. “I sent you away with the wrong potion. I had just brewed a love potion, and I accidentally put that in your bag, instead of this.” She handed Gabe the correct bottle, miraculously unbroken after her fall. Gabe stared at her dumfounded while Amelia brought her hand to her mouth and unthinkingly sucked on her cut. The taste of chocolate and perfume blossomed on her tongue, overwhelming the metallic taste of her blood. She closed her eyes and gave a second groan.

“That was a love potion? I just drank half a bottle of love potion?” Gabe sputtered at Amelia his voice halfway between amazement and horror. 

“How is that supposed to work exactly?” 

Amelia sighed, and explained. “It’s actually very straight forward. You pour the potion into a glass of drinkable liquid- anything will do. Then you drink some, and within an hour, make certain the object of your affection drinks the remainder. If the two people are compatible, the potion goes into effect. The magic basically allows their potential love and passion for each other to come forth.”

Fiction & Literature
January 10
Nubian publishers
Draft2Digital, LLC

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