Paranormal & the Occult

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The House of Mystery Radio Show has been on the air for ten years now, broadcasting in over a dozen cities in the United States, including KKNW 1150 A.M. Seattle/Tacoma, KCAA 106.5 F.M. Los Angeles/102.3 F.M. Riverside/1050 A.M. Palm Springs. I started the show to find out as much information on the world’s mysteries in areas of Crime, Science, Religion, history, paranormal, and more.

In this book, volume 6, I will cover the field of the Paranormal. During the first 10 years of the show, the paranormal field was very popular in society, including several television series on air covering the hunt for ghosts, haunted houses, mediums communicating with the dead, witchcraft, and even Satanism or spirituality, as religion quite often is given the power to wither protect or attack one doing the investigation.

Each interview selected for this book were chosen for the guest’s believability in the area of their expertise in the paranormal field. The book is divided into several sections covering mediums, Parapsychology, Occult influences such as the Church of Satan and Witches, to the tools used like a Ouija Board, Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology.

Mediums & Psychics

David Wells explains Past Life Regression & Qabalah

Derek Acorah talks about his Spiritualist Mediumship in T.V.’s Ghost Town

Rob Gutro communicates with your Pets in the afterlife

Gary Mannion does Psychic Surgery in order to Heal people

Mark Allan Frost Channels a spirit named Seth

James Van Praagh shows us Survival Mediumship Evidence

Paranormal Tools

Robert Murch details Talking Boards including the Ouija

Johnny Zaffis collects Haunted Dolls and more for his museum

Steven Frampton is successful using Astrology to help people becomes successful in Business

Michael M. Hughes gives the history & many uses of Tarot

Alison Baughman uses Numerology to make lives better

Religions & Occult

Magus Peter Gilmore runs the church of Satan

Winter Laake describes what Luciferin life is

Jeffrey Seelman clears house of Dark Spirits and performs Exorcisms

Krystal Madison is the Witch from Sleepy Hollow

Mind Over Matter

Robert Waggoner has been Lucid Dreaming over 30 years now

Lyn Buchanan learned Controlled Remote Viewing while serving in the Military

Uril Geller uses Psychokinesis to bends spoons with his mind

Diane Corcoran has monitored Near death Experiences for over 30 years


Dr. Ciaran O’ Keefe from TV’s Most Haunted

Steve Parsons from ParaScience

Lloyd Auerbach is Professor Paranormal

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December 20
Alan R. Warren
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