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This book selects the most outstanding journal articles from the Chinese version of Foreign Affairs Review written by prestigious Chinese scholars in recent years. The articles focus on analysis of foreign affairs issues which are of relevance to China, and provide insightful perspectives on China's diplomacy and international system.

The scope of the book is broad, including both theoretical insights and solid case studies. It covers recent hotspots in practice, like public participation in China's diplomacy, safety issues of overseas Chinese, and concepts of Chinese diplomacy like “People First”, as well as case studies on historical events or long-term practices. The book provides fresh and insightful articles from Chinese perspectives, which will benefit international readers who are interested in China's diplomacy, foreign affairs and international relations.
Contents:Intersubjective Cognitive Dissonance and Foreign Policy-Making in China (Qin Yaqing)A Longitudinal Study of Foreign Relations of the People's Republic of China (Niu Jun)An Explanatory Practice Model of China's Participation in the International System (Zhu Liqun)On the “People First” Diplomacy in China (Jin Canrong & Liu Shiqiang)A Brief Analysis of China's Crisis Diplomacy Decision-Making in the Post-Cold War Era (Chu Xiaobo)Public Participation in China's Diplomacy and Its Influence — Three Case Studies from 2003 (Wang Cungang)Safety of Chinese Citizens Abroad: A Quantitative Analysis to “Special Notices for Chinese Citizens Abroad” (2008–2010) (Wang Duanyong)To Share and to Teach — A Study on China's Cooperation with UNESCO (Xie Zheping & Zhang Xiaojin)New Challenges and a New Agenda for China's Arms Control (Sun Xiangli)Multi-Governance of the Greater Mekong River's Water Resources Security and China's Policy Choice (Guo Yanjun)
Readership: Undergraduates, graduates and researchers who are interested in China's Foreign affairs and China's diplomacy.

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November 27
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