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Noah swallowed his drink in one gulp trying to still his emotional response to her tantalizing body. Maria carried her drink and claimed a seat in the middle of the couch. Noah felt her body heat reaching out to him. He breathed in deeply, loving the exotic smell of her perfume.
“What brings you to the club every night?” Maria asked, turning first to Noah and then to Calder.
“Looking for a little action,” Calder admitted in a husky tone.
“How about you Noah?” she glanced at Noah, her brown eyes narrowing, searching his expression.
“Just watching you dance does it for me,” Noah confessed and watched a light enter her dark eyes.
“That’s the way I felt when I looked out and saw the two of you at the bar. My thoughts ran along the same line. You must think I’m brazen, but a girl has needs, too.”
“I think I’ll have another drink,” Noah needed the false courage tonight before he propositioned Maria.
“Make me another,” Maria’s voice held a slur to it.
“I’ll take one,” Calder leaned forward and handed Noah his now-empty glass.
“Coming right up.” Noah didn’t waste any time in acting the bartender. Several drinks later, the atmosphere in the room changed to loose and uninhibited.
Noah glanced at Maria sitting between them and saw how her eyes held a look that told him she would accept any advance they planned to offer. He gave her a look showing he was receptive to anything she wanted to offer.
Without saying a word, Maria stood and reached down unzipping first Noah’s and then Calder’s jeans. “Now, boys, why don’t you get out of these?”

Fiction & Literature
May 12
Mary Suzanne
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