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Passion is a bundle of 3 of Celeste Fox’s sexy lesbian love stories that tell the stories of 3 couples falling in love.

Passion contains 3 lesbian romances that are steamy, sensual, and sweet. These stories contain hidden secrets of lesbian love, to first times and new experiences, and they all have happy endings.

This lesbian F/F romance bundle is sure to hit you in all the right spots, make your heart beat and ache, and leave you satisfied with endings that make you smile.

Contained in this 70,000 word, 312 page collection are the books Covet, Desire, and Crave.
I was sent to spy on her…
Hired by her ex-husband to watch her, to build a case against her. My job was to make sure she didn’t see a penny of his money.
I’d get dirt on her. Watch her.
…Covet her.
I never expected that she’d be so gorgeous. I never expected to find myself salivating at the thought of touching her…Tasting her.
And I certainly never expected her to catch me. I thought I was done for. Busted, my cover blown.
But then she asked me to have a drink with her… and told me that she had been coveting me.
It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?
You just never know where you’re going to fall in love.
After giving up on the idea of marriage to a man, Harriet is starting over. More than ever, she’s focused on finding herself and what she wants in life, and when the opportunity to move in with Zoelle presents itself, she can hardly say no.
After all, she needs a new place to live, and the arrangement with Zoelle seems like it would be perfect... and not just because she finds herself exceedingly attracted to the young woman, something Harriet is not entirely familiar with...
Zoelle leads a quiet, private life - but you wouldn’t know it from the outside. Confident and assertive, most assume her sense of self to be unshakeable, but in reality, she longs for love... and finds it hard to make the first move.
When, through the help of a mutual friend, she secures an arrangement to be roommates with Harriet, she’s floored by how gorgeous she finds the woman. She craves her attention, desires her touch... but she doesn’t know if Harriet feels the same way.
Will these two new roommates struggling to find love open up to each other, and see that what they’re looking for is hiding in plain sight? And will Harriet allow herself to change in a fundamental way... for the chance at happiness?
The marriage failed. Maybe we never really loved each other. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. He went his way, I went mine.
Now, the children have left, and I find myself feeling lonely. I find myself thinking to somebody I was once involved with…
A woman.
She was gorgeous, sexy as sin. We laughed together, kissed, made love day and night. But… time moves on. So did we.
Now, though… I find myself wanting to meet her again. Wondering how she is. Wondering if time has been kinder to her than it has to me.
It’s silly, to dote on the possibility… the ‘what if’. But what if we could rekindle that old flame again? What if this could be a second chance?
Not just lust… not just fun. A second chance at love?
I’m going to take that chance. I need to take that chance.

May 8
Celeste Fox
StreetLib Srl

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