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Discover Passion: A Romantic Comedy About An Unexpected Love Story, Book 1

Passion is a beautiful thing, is it not? Well if it is not a beautiful thing, than it is in fact the most beautiful thing. After all it is the only thing, yes the only thing, which keeps all that blood bumping through your veins. If you chose to believe otherwise, if are the celibate type, you are missing out at the least and a coward at the worst. You simply cannot truly believe that the glory between your legs, the thing that produces the only sensations that matter, is harmful by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe that is why this world, our world, is so mad; maybe that alone makes it ugly. Passion is the most unbridled in the rolodex of human emotions, so it must be the very thing that drives us to irrational conclusions. It sends on trips so strange; so intricate, that only a mad man, quite a lewd one at that, if any one at all could ever come to understand. You and all of your twisted carnal desires, are beautiful. Never let a soul, even that of the most kind hearted humanist, tell you otherwise. J. Kerouac was being honest when he said, “the only people to me are the mad ones…”; if you aren’t just a little out of line, a little deviant, than you are not human at all, are you? So we have reached a verdict: passion is not beautiful; Passion, in its hottest & steamiest variety, is the fundamental definition of the word beauty. That was the thinking of amongst the wisest romantic philosophers, and is love or sex without romance? No no, not that doughy, moronic, cliché romance. This kind of romance, is the kind of romance that drives lust. It is the only true romance, the truth is sex is everything without love and love is nothing without sex. Does it not cause your blood to boil when someone, anyone suppresses you sexually? How dare they try to tuck away the only thing that not only makes us all human, but makes us all well...Alive! It is strange that everyone always seems to snub the glorious things in life, and highlight the grotesque.

On that note, the bedroom, or any other place you deem intimate enough, is the best place for this passion and madness to run wild. You can break all the rules and no one will ever have to know. Of course I do, and believe me I am quite entertained by it. All those things you do that you know if anyone found out, your reputation would be in ruin; in shambles. Yes, yes I know all of those things about you, but doesn’t that make you feel better? Knowing that I know. For these few moments, as you flip though these pages, you do not have to hide. Come to me, release your inhibitions and fear not:
I, these pages whom you hold in the palm of your hands, will always keep all of your secrets.

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April 28
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