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Peace is something that most profess to want, whether it be peace within self, families, communities or nations. Yet peace eludes us on all fronts. World peace is something that we march for, donate to, and pray for continually, but political parties teeter on the brink of irreconcilable chasms, religious factions tear each other apart, and the continual quest for resources keep tribes, religious groups, political organizations, and whole nations continually in conflict.

Conflict resolution models abound and many books have been written about the subject. Many of these models, however, deal with external solutions to the problem without recognizing one very simple but vital fact: if the person is not at peace within him or herself, peace between individuals, communities, and even nations will never be possible. In other words, peace begins with the individual.

The Peace in Pieces: Empowering the World Through the Edeh Mma-Di Peace Model seeks to legitimize Father Emmanuel Edeh’s peace theory as a viable and valid conflict-resolution model by illustrating its efficacy in real-time situations as well as how it could work in long-standing global conflicts.

Mma-di is “the good that is,” and every human being on this planet is mma-di. Conflict comes, however, when mma-di becomes distorted. And given the overwhelming amount of conflict and hatred between people all over this planet, mma-di has become severely distorted. The mma-di peace model is a highly workable and proven conflict-resolution model, having been used at all strata of society in Nigeria, throughout Africa, and now in Europe and the U.S. with hundreds of thousands of conflicting parties. It has been found to be efficacious.

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May 26
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