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A preface notes the recent events in S. Carolina and the Confederate flag controversy. It mentions that Jeff Davis and General Lee opposed secession right up to the end and sided with the South only because they were caught between a rock and a hard place. Stone Mt. should not be too sanguine about rebellion. I outline an intention for a replacement flag. Chapter 1 notes how Freemasonry and the Ku Klux Klan use occult means to show a broken cross in their symbolism. I note that the number 11 (Illuminati stuff) is a broken cross when you know that the letter Khi (X) of Greek is the first letter of Christ(us). The two ones are uncrossed parts of X. I note how occult forces use these subliminal symbols to sow discord in the mind and suggest disassociation from Christ and cross. I speak of the Kennedy conspiracy (note the K (broken cross) in Kennedy's name) and how it is an attack against our military power. I briefly describe occult plots. Chapter 2 mentions how Christ told his apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane to arm themselves with swords. An apostle showed him two swords. Christ said that was enough. Two crossed swords create the letter X of Khi and the Greek initial of Christ. This is a good symbol of security for the country. I also mention the sedition of our courts in social engineering America against the consent of the governed, and illegally. I suggest the righteous men pull back from the evil forces in operation in the country, drawing the seditionists out until they are exposed for what they are, or to back down in repentance or cowardice, only to fade away. The chapter is upbeat about the ability of the country to defend itself against satanic intrigue hatched in Hollywood, Washington, among false religions and in the criminal world.

Politics & Current Events
July 19
Edward E. Rochon
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