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Peak Performance Through Nutrition and Exercise:  This guide has been prepared to assist you in your efforts to gain or maintain a high level of physical fitness by combining sound nutritional and physical fitness practices. An overview of basic nutrition and physical fitness programs including aerobic conditioning and strength training are provided. Information for designing exercise programs for individuals at various levels of physical fitness is provided in this guide.  Contents include: Chapter 1:  Energy Balance and Body Composition; Energy Balance; Estimating Energy Needs; Body Composition; Fat Distribution. Chapter 2: Overview of Nutrition - Energy Providing Nutrients; Vitamins and Minerals; Water. Chapter 3: Eating for Optimal Health and Fitness - Dietary Guidelines for Americans; The Food Guide Pyramid; Food Labels; Selecting Nutrient-Dense Foods; Vegetarian Diets; Eating Out; Snacking; Nutrition Throughout Life.  Chapter 4: Overview of Physical Fitness - What is Physical Fitness? FITT Principle; Fuel Used During Exercise; Exercise Sequence; Training and Detraining; Chapter 5:  Cardiorespiratory Training; Cardiorespiratory Physiology; Benefits of Cardiorespiratory Exercise; Aerobic Exercise Guidelines; Training Design and Progression; Chapter 6:  Walk, Run, Swim - Walking and Running Gear; Walking; Running; Swimming. Strength Training - Strength versus Endurance; Benefits of Strength Training; Determinants of Muscle Size; Strength Training Guidelines; Equipment; Types of Workouts. Calisthenics - Calisthenic Guidelines. Flexibility - Benefits of Stretching; Flexibility Exercises; Training in Confined Spaces; Aerobic Conditioning; Chapter 7:  Strength Training; Strength versus Endurance; Benefits of Strength Training; Determinants of Muscle Size; Strength Training Guidelines; Equipment; Types of Workouts; Chapter 8: Calisthenics, Calisthenics Guidelines; Chapter 9: Flexibility; Benefits of Stretching; Flexibility Exercises; Chapter 10: Training in Confined Spaces; Aerobic Conditioning; Strength Training; Workout Design; Morale During Deployment. Chapter 11:  Nutrition for Exercise - Carbohydrate Needs; Protein Needs; Vitamin and Mineral Needs; Fluid Needs; Nutrition for Exercise Recovery; Chapter 12: Deployment and Altered Climates - Acclimating to Altered Environments; General Nutrition Issues; Physical Activity Concerns; Hot Environments; Cold Environments; Altitude. Chapter 13: Training and Overuse Injuries - Injuries: Treatment and Prevention, Return to Duty; Overtraining Syndrome. Chapter 14: Supplements and Performance - Vitamin and Mineral Supplements; Nutritional Ergogenic Agents; Ergolytic. Chapter 15: Training Issues for Women - Pregnancy and Lactation; Female Athlete Triad; Chapter 16: Age and Performance; Changes in Metabolism and Body Composition; Nutritional Needs; Countering Age-Associated Changes in Fitness. Chapter 17:  Adopting Healthy Habits - Setting "SMART" Goals; Reaching Goals; Maintaining Healthy Habits; Appendix:  Ideas for Healthy Food Choices; Sample Workout; Strength Exercises; Resources.

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March 9
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