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In Pepper’s Magic, the good witch, Pepper Paull, is not the only person dealing with magic books.
Carol, the young wolf-witch, is still hitting the books to get a better grip on her own brand of magic. Taking a little vacation for Carol to test her magical control, Pepper encounters Zymnos, an entity that gives her a gift she can't refuse, even when she finds its deadly potential.
But life goes on and Pepper opens a new book store to replace the one that got trashed by the bad guys. When Pepper is abducted by a mysterious unnamed man in an attempt to get the witch's help with his book, Amelia has to get a grip on her own special ability to help her friend. Along the way Amelia finds a book that only she can read.
When it turns out that Amelia's stalker ex-boyfriend is an elf she decides it's time to find out why he's bothering her. They can't trust a word the elf says but some of it resonates in Amelia's heart in a way she can't deny. It gives her more questions than answers and none of them like that.
The trio finds that even the bad guys are collecting magic books and that can’t be good.
It’s not just books complicating the lives of Pepper, Amelia and Carol… Pepper struggles to figure out how this friendship thing works, Carol still needs to control her magic just to stay alive and Amelia… well, is she really turning into an elf or is Pepper pulling her leg? There are also men in black and the usual assortment of ancient vampires, demons, Servants, Watchers and wizards.
And then there’s that nasty sorceress, Felicia, and… Mike. Does Pepper make a mistake there, misled by unfamiliar emotions?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 23
J. E. Andrews
Smashwords, Inc.

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