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A powerful spirit being called the Two Yet One is distracted from its spiritual activities by the suffering of the Earth and decides to help. Born as two humans, the spirit forgets its supernatural powers and experiences the trials and traumas of growing up in a turbulent world. 

Luna Martin, an adored only child of privilege raised in Catholicism, ponders the meaning of life and struggles with social situations, periods of intense loneliness, and wildly vacillating emotions that propel her from ecstatic joy to deep despair. When ominous shadow spirits start visiting her room late at night, she knows life will never be the same. Then one day she finds out that her family has been harboring an alarming secret for hundreds of years-and Luna's life really turns upside down.

Sunshine "Sunny" Frederickson's mother died when he was only five, yet the memory of her love and positivity continues to guide him through his troubled childhood-and there's a lot of trouble. When left alone, he's curious and thoughtful, but his family stacks a lot of challenges against him. Sunny is raised in near poverty along with his three older brothers by their physically abusive father, a veteran of the Gulf War who's suffering from PTSD. His gloomy life is made worse when he starts to be plagued by frightening shadow spirits every night, and then chased by one, causing him to do something strange-but miraculous! The event rocks his family to its core, and his father and brothers finally let him in on the secret they have been keeping from him.

And then Sunny and Luna meet. They realize their secrets, their questions and their fears, their entire lives are entwined. They feel a level of comfort they have never experienced-but before they can enjoy knowing they're not alone in this world, their dark visitors return, and they must run for their lives!

The first book in a series, Perception: The Two Yet One sets the stage for the larger-than-life story of Sunny and Luna-their love and their action-packed journey to discover ancient wisdom, incredible abilities, and ultimately enlightenment in order to heal the world.

Hard-hitting, realistic, and fantastical, the series will leave you breathless, asking your own questions about the reality of life and how everything comes down to a matter of...Perception.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 17
Allison L. Hopkins
Allison Hopkins