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Perfect Sight Without Glasses

William Horatio Bates, American physician who practiced ophthalmology (1860-1931)

This ebook presents «Perfect Sight Without Glasses», from William Horatio Bates. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents

- About This Book

- The Fundamental Principle

- Preface

- Introductory

- Simultaneous Retinoscopy

- Accommodation

- The Truth About Accommodation As Demonstrated By Experiments On The Eye Muscles Of Animals

- The Truth About Accommodation As Demonstrated By A Study Of Images Reflected From The Lens, Cornea, Iris And Sclera

- The Truth About Accommodation As Demonstrated By Clinical Observations

- The Variability Of The Refraction Of The Eye

- What Glasses Do To Us

- The Cause And Cure Of Errors Of Refraction

- Strain

- Central Fixation

- Palming

- Memory As An Aid To Vision

- Imagination As An Aid To Vision

- Shifting And Swinging

- The Illusions Of Imperfect And Of Normal Sight

- Illusions Of Color

- Illusions Of Size

- Illusions Of Form

- Illusions Of Number

- Illusions Of Location

- Illusions Of Non-existent Objects

- Illusions Of Complementary Colors

- Illusions Op The Color Of The Sun

- Blind Spots After Looking At The Sun

- Illusions Of Twinkling Stars

- Cause Of The Illusions Of Imperfect Sight

- Illusions Of Normal Sight

- Vision Under Adverse Conditions A Benefit To The Eyes

- Optimums And Pessimums

- The Relief Of Pain And Other Symptoms By The Aid Of The Memory

- Presbyopia, Its Cause And Cure

- Squint And Amblyopia, Their Cause

- Squint And Amblyopia, Their Cure

- Floating Specks, Their Cause And Cure

- Home Treatment

- Correspondence Treatment

- The Prevention Of Myopia In Schools: Methods That Failed

- The Prevention And Cure Of Myopia And Other Errors Of Refraction In Schools

- The Story Of Emily

- Mind And Vision

- Normal Sight And The Relief Of Pain For Soldiers And Sailors

- Letters From Patients

- Army Officer Cures Himself

- A Teacher's Experiences

- A Mental Transition

- Relief After Twenty Five Years

- Seeking A Myopia Cure

- Facts Versus Theories

- Cured Without Personal Assistance

- Reason And Authority

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