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How many rounds in the ring can a Phantom Warrior Pit Fighter go with a female ex-Muay Thai champ, before she TKO’s his heart?

Known for his savagery, Pit Fighter Chrysus doesn’t believe he’s fit for human company. He has about as much chance of finding a mate as he has of stopping an asteroid with his fist, but when the Dark King gives an order—every Phantom Warrior listens.


Feeling caged on Earth, Chrysus needs a distraction to pass the time until he can return to his home planet. He finds it in a small fight club, when he meets fearless, ex-Muay Thai champ, Stevie Cash. Stevie is unlike any woman he’s ever known. The fact that she’s able to drop him to the mat within minutes of meeting her only makes Chrysus want her more. Who knew being caged could be so much fun?


When you’re a woman and you run a fight club, you don’t have time for emotional entanglements. Not even when a hot, new guy walks into the gym and makes it clear that he’s interested. Stevie Cash is far too busy fending off the competition, dodging attempts on her life, and struggling to keep her father’s gym afloat to act upon the sizzling attraction. But the scarred warrior with a bad attitude just won’t take a hint. Chrysus seems determined to worm his way into her life, into her heart. And when it comes to protecting her, he won’t take no for an answer. The closer he gets, the harder he is to resist, but when the truth comes out…only one fighter will be left standing.

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AUTHOR BIO: Jordan Summers is an award-winning, New York published author with forty-two books to her credit. She has sold over 155,000 ebooks and is a member of Novelist Inc., International Thriller Writers, SCBWI, and the Horror Writer's Association. Find out more info at jordansummers.com

March 20
Jordan Summers
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