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The Philippines is developing rapidly. The citizens are talented, particularly with the English language, and many foreign entrepreneurs have been utilizing this effectively.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business in Philippines, the Wood Egg Philippines startup guide will be your go-to reference manual.

Each year we hire 3 researchers (at least one local and one foreigner who live in Philippines), a native English-speaking in-country writer, and an editor, to bring you insights from multiple perspectives.

Our researchers spend over 200 hours interviewing local business people, politicians, and citizens who regular foreigners would never have access to. This is 200+ hours you will save to hit the ground running. (Bonus: When you register your eBook at WoodEgg.com you get access to all of our raw research and interviews.)

In the 2014 Wood Egg Philippines startup guide you will learn:

What the anti-corruption efforts mean for the people and for your business. (Page 7)
Why the slow change from a conservative society is good for foreign investors. (Page 45)
Why it’s best not to attract attention to yourself (and how to blend in). (Page 91)
Save time and headaches by choosing one of our 14 recommended apartment buildings when visiting for short or long terms. (Page 125)
How to know when a “yes” means “no” and why this is important in your business dealings. (Page 180)
The distinct advantage foreigners have when doing business in the Philippines. (Page 215)
The best way to set up your company in the increasingly foreigner-friendly system. (Page 246)
These four accountancy firms are well suited to working with foreigners. (Page 298)
How to deal with the enormous labor-related challenges currently affecting the area. (Page 318)
You must have this to open a bank account in the Philippines. (Page 348)
How to know when (or if) you should use English in your marketing efforts. (Don’t ignore this.) (Page 382)

All of this along with hundreds of other insights. All told you’ll get the painstakingly researched answers to over 200 questions (over 400 pages!) about country, culture, life, and business in Philippines.

If you’re looking to do business in Philippines you won’t find a more complete, up-to-date, guide.

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