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Can you imagine how much more you would accomplish if you had a photographic memory? 
Have you ever questioned why you can run into somebody and remember his or her name while run into another but cannot? How about why you cannot seem to remember where you place the car keys? Both of these questions and many others which may be lingering in your head will be answered in this book. Memory is an integral and critical part of our lives, how we interact, what we know and, therefore, who we are.

There is no better time for memory improvement than in this digital age where everything is available on the web and virtually every answer you may want can be searched for on Google. Some have even questioned whether there is a need for memory improvement if we have Google, however, you must know that Google answers cannot beat the knowledge memorized in your brain. If you went to a quiz completion with your phone and competed against someone with mental knowledge and memory of the subjects, you will never beat them!

 By the end of this book you will: 
•    Have a clear definition and a better understanding of memory.
•    You will know the memory creation process from encoding to retrieval.
•    You will have a deeper understanding of the stages and types of memory- What is short-term memory? What is sensory memory? When do memories become long-term?
•    The chapter on the importance of memory will help you understand open your eyes to the role of memory in your life.
•    Know why you forget and what causes you to forget.
•    What photographic memory is and the benefits.
•    Why you should improve your memory.
•    The role of memory in learning, retention, and better performance.
•    Methods of developing a photographic memory.
•    Beginner techniques of memory improvement.
•    Advanced techniques of memory improvement.
•    The Memory Palace Method in depth.
•    Daily hacks for remembering anything.
•    Memory exercises and a lot more…

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January 3
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