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In a market flooded with dating books and relationship schemes, Picking Right is a practical guide that holds no punches.

A man or woman looking for love must know who to trust and how to navigate the treacherous waters of the modern-day relationship world. He or she must be able to recognize red flags and not be wishy-washy about them; have clarity on their own vision for an ideal relationship as well as the self-assurance to pursue that ideal without settling for less.

This guide reveals the truth behind dead-end relationships and shows the reader how to spot disaster before it strikes. It unlocks the mysteries to knowing who to trust and provides the formula to avoid heartache and find true happiness.

Readers will learn
-- Why marrying for love is a mistake
-- The Three Rules for Picking Right
-- Common mistakes that could cost one one's happiness
-- How to detect the cheater and replace betrayal with mutual trust
-- How to identify a toxic mate and stop wasting oneself on the wrong person
-- Ingredients of love that lasts, and much more.

This manual contains 16 exercises for the reader's immediate application. They could be used again and again in the process of vetting prospective mates until one "Picks Right" and finds a happy relationship. They could also be used to asses an existing relationship one is in doubt about to either terminate with certainty or bring it up to par. They have been used successfully by new couples to find common grounds. And many readers have reported having read the book cover to cover first and then gone over it again and again in the process of application.

A sampling of testimonials and reviews include:

"I got the book last night and I am already half way through. Now I know what I did wrong. Wrong picking, compromising, waiting for change, etc. Thank you Daphna. Now I know what I need to look for." -FK

"I did the exercises in your book - each one in sequence. At the end I ended all attention on past relationships. I didn't even know that I had much attention at all there. Thank you for that. About a week later I had the feeling that I was ready to start a new relationship. About two days later I met her..." -Robert Belcastro

"My viewpoint about relationships changed just by reading the Introduction! The knowledge in this book was so stabilizing for me & how I'm looking at relationships now! The exercises in the book are so fun & therapeutic! I know that I'll take some of these exercises into my future as useful tools for any relationship that I may consider having, any relationship I already have that needs a look at & any relationship I hope to have, whether it be personal or business. In doing a couple of the exercises, I was able to rid myself of the left over feelings of failure, from a most recent relationship that I had & that truly attempted to destroy my life & me along with it. Thanks to the knowledge & exercises in this book, I know that I will always pick empowering lasting relationships, from now on!" - Jen Shea

August 22
Daphna Levy
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