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Pill Popping Syndrome – Symptoms
Doctors and the Hippocratic Oath
Weaning Yourself Away from Pills
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Apart from pills, how many times have you given your children syrups, medicines, prescription drugs, and antibiotics today?

A number of people out there are going to object to the use of the word/medical term “syndrome,” associated with pill popping. Because according to them, they being purists, a syndrome is an association of symptoms, which characterize a particular ailment or condition, or a number of symptoms which are going to occur together in order to show the manifestation of an ailment.

Well, this book is going to tell you all about how you may think that a number of associated symptoms have caused you to suffer from some ailment, and the result is that you are going to start popping pills in order to alleviate those symptoms!
This book is going to tell you how you can recognize such a particular ailment/syndrome in yourself, try to wean yourself away from pills, and get back to the natural way of healing yourself of small disorders.

Also, you are going to get some information on possibly when and why pills began to become an important part of your normal day to day routine, and your lifestyle. So while you are reading this book, if you find yourself reaching for your pillbox, do not take that pill unless it is absolutely necessary and continue learning some interesting facts about the pills being taken by you every day.

Can you believe that 2.3 billion prescription drugs are prescribed to Americans alone, annually? That means 49% of you are taking at least one prescription drug, everyday, 22% are taking two or more drugs, and 11% are taking more than five prescription drugs every day.

And this is in America alone. You can multiply this by whichever number you want, and get the world statistics.

Remember that there are some chronic diseases, especially those which are being monitored by a physician which need a daily dose of pills and drugs, in order to keep you alive. But 99% of the time, most of the pills that you take can be considered placebos or have been given to you by a doctor just because he needs to prescribe some medicines to you.

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June 20
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