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This guide for PlanetSide 2 can well be considered a thorough compendium that raises all the important, as well as those less important issues connected with functioning in the game world. This text includes not only information on the maps, factions, character classes or the development thereof, but also a handful of valuable hints, which will, undoubtedly, come in handy for the novice players. PlanetSide 2 is a first person, Free-to-play, MMO, which allows hordes of players take a free play, which may include micro-payments. The game has been developed by Sony Online Entertainment (a division to Sony Computer Entertainment), and it bases on large scale skirmishes, which can be participated by dozens, or even hundreds, of players at a time. The game presents an apocalyptic vision of humanity which, exhausted with the global conflict and the continued depletion of natural resources on the Earth, decides to start the exploration of the depths of the universe, in order to examine the mysterious anomaly. The expedition that managed to land on the deserted planet of Auraxis, split into three warring factions- New Conglomerate, Terran Republic and the Vanu. The players, who are faced with the heat of the conflict, are to decide which faction to side with and, at the same time, they will start a fight for a better tomorrow. 

This guide for PlanetSide 2 includes:

- System requirements

- Controls

- General hints

- The storyline and the world presented in the game

- Factions

- Character classes

- The general mechanics of the gameplay and the interface

- Territories, their kinds and the ways to seize them 

- Character development

- Multiplayer Modes 

- Land vehicles and planes

- Micro-payments

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March 4
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