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With a sunlit weekend lying ahead, Jem is looking forward to spending plenty of time with the searingly hot Carlton. He soon discovers that Carlton has planned some wicked games to push his boundaries and introduce him to new types of pleasure. Jem is going to need to trust him completely.

4300-word MM erotic romance.


“You’re plotting something,” Jem said in a voice of deep suspicion.

Rain pelted the kitchen window and sheeted down the glass, filling the air with drumming. An antique clock ticked on the windowsill. Carlton just smiled. “I’m always plotting something. I’m only worried about whether you’ll like it.”

Jem fidgeted at the table. Carlton had a hand casually on his thigh, and the heat of his palm, the unspoken promise in the touch, was making Jem tauten with anticipation. “Try me.” Before he gave in to the urge to take that hand and move it higher.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Especially not for my sake. It’s only fun for me if you like it.”

He was pretty sure he’d like anything Carlton did to him. He had never been wanted so fiercely before, and it was making him more daring. “Try me,” Jem repeated.

Carlton laid a pair of handcuffs on the table. They gleamed, strange and unfamiliar, the colour of the iron sky outside. The colour of Carlton’s eyes.

The sight riveted Jem. He couldn’t look away. His stomach tightened with a thrill of fear; he was afraid that he wouldn’t enjoy it, or maybe that he’d enjoy it too much. He imagined being restrained this way, helpless for Carlton’s pleasure. At the mercy of his clever hands, his bold touch...

Fiction & Literature
July 29
Alex Jace
Draft2Digital, LLC

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